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Shannon Pemrick, author of the Experimental Heart series, asked me to be part of the “Meet My Character Blog Tour”. Her books follow Eira, a human war experiment trained in the ways of an assassin, now a wanted fugitive. The story traces Eira on her mission to bring down the psychotic leaders that created her in the first place. These are the very leaders who run the world she lives in and continued to create new and more dangerous experiments, even worse than herself. It is an engaging and sometimes hair-raising tale that should not be missed. You can read more about her and find her Meet My Character post here.


experimental heart


In this character tour I’ve been asked to answer a few questions about one of the main characters on a work in progress book. My first book, The Ruins on Stone Hill, is being published now. This is book one of the Heroes of Ravenford, a five part book series. The answers will be based on this series and the upcoming release of book two.

1) What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

My character’s name is Glolindir. He is a fictional character, a young wizard from the vanished race of Galinthral elves.

2) When and where is the story set?

This story is set in the fictional world of Arinthar, on the island continent of Thac. Arinthar is a world of magic. It is populated by a combination of humans, mystical races and monsters, all of whom uneasily coexist together in this world. Arinthar has survived many ages and numerous wars over the millennium, the last being the Thrall Wars nearly 100 years ago. The world has experienced an unusual period of quiet since then, but recent events have indicated this may be coming to an end.

3) What should we know about him/her?

Glolindir is not your typical ancient, see all/know all type of wizard, although he is indeed 120 years old. You see, in the world of Arinthar, elves are quite long lived. So Glo, as his friends come to call him, is really only the equivalent of about seventeen emotionally. He is a true teen, struggling to discover who he really is, and what his purpose is in the world.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Glolindir left home due to his rather explosive relationship with his father, one of the foremost wizards of the hidden City of Cairthrellon, the last home of the Galinthral elves. The two disagreed on everything, from a steadfast pace of learning magic to the Galinthrals’ insistence on hiding from the rest of the world. Things eventually came to a head, and Glo left Cairthrellon, the first elf to do so in countless years.

5) What is the personal goal of the character?

Glo wants to use his magical abilities to help make Arinthar a safer place. He feels that magic should be learned and used in the real world, not behind closed doors in some lab or study. He also wants to prove his people wrong. He believes that all the races can get along, and in fact must if the world is to survive.

6) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

The working title for the second novel in the series is Heroes of Ravenford: The Serpent Cult. Below is a working blurb and unedited excerpt.


Fifteen minutes later, they were half a mile up the coast. Large boulders loomed ahead, blocking their view of the shoreline to the north.

“We are almost there,” Glo announced, feeling the nearby presence of his familiar.

They had just reached the first outcropping when a small figure stepped out from behind it. Glo was momentarily startled, but immediately saw it was only a little human girl. She couldn’t be more than eight years old by his estimation.

A cute little thing, she had long golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes and big dimples on either side of her mouth. When she saw them, she was not startled at all. In fact a wide grin spread across her face. When she spoke, it was rather nonchalant.

“Oh, there you are.” Her voice was most definitely childlike, but there was something strangely melodic about it. She stopped where she was. Looking back over her shoulder she called out, “Ves, they’re here!”

“You were expecting us?” Aksel asked uncertainly.

“Of course silly,” the girl replied. “Raven said you would be coming to find us.”

Raven told you that?” Glo asked incredulously.

A frown crossed her face as she gazed at him. It was quickly replaced with a cute little smile that accentuated her dimples.

“Oh, that’s right. I forget that other folks don’t talk to animals like us. I can speak to her in her own tongue…though Ves says she speaks perfect Elvish,” she added proudly.

Glo did not know what to make of this strange little girl. Apparently she could talk to animals. He was about to ask who this ‘Ves’ was when another figure strode out from behind the rocks. The question died on his lips as he laid eyes on this newcomer.

She was a stunning young woman, perhaps in her late teens, with long golden blonde hair, fair skin, and vivid blue/green eyes. Garbed in a shimmering bronze dress which clung to her curvaceous figure, she walked barefoot through the white sands to stand behind the young girl. Although only about a foot taller than the little blonde, there was a magnetic presence about this woman. It made her seem taller than she actually was.

Glo was even further amazed to see Raven perched comfortably on the young woman’s shoulder. That was something she only did with him. He raised an eyebrow, but decided it best to keep silent for now.

“Maya, where’s your manners?” the young woman admonished the little girl. She gazed at each of them as they stood there speechless. “I am Ves, and this is my sister Maya. We were just having a picnic on the beach. Would you care to join us for lunch?”

Her speech was casual, but she had a refined air about her. It was almost as if she were some sort of nobility.

What kind of noble went barefoot at the beach hiding among the rocks? Glo found himself quite intrigued by this “Ves”.

“I am rather hungry,” Lloyd said tentatively.

“You’re always hungry,” Aksel responded jokingly. Addressing Ves, he added rather formally, “We would be honored to accept your gracious invitation.”

“Wonderful,” Ves said clasping her hands together. “Right this way.” She spun around and began to walk back the way she came.

Glo glanced at Aksel. The latter merely shrugged and began to follow the young lady. Lloyd was already moving forward. The offer of food from the lovely young woman was obviously more than enough for him. As they followed Ves through a maze of tall boulders, Maya fell in next to Glo.

“I really like your bird,” she told him in a very serious tone.

“Thank you,” Glo replied. He could not help smiling at the charming young girl.

“But what I like the most is that you actually named her Raven!” Maya declared ending in a fit of giggles.

“Maya! Behave yourself,” Ves called back over her shoulder.

“It’s okay,” Glo responded in the young girl’s defense. “I still find it amusing myself.”

“Raven,” Maya continued to giggle, bending over and slapping her knee as she walked.

The maze of boulders gave way to a large flat area of beach. As Glo gazed around he saw that the area was ringed in on both sides by the large boulders. These effectively sheltered it from view from both the north and south.

In the center of the ring was a fire pit with a makeshift rack over it. Tongues of flame reached up from the pit licking the fish that sizzled on the rack above. The smell reached Glo’s nose and he realized he was hungrier than he thought.

“Lunch should be ready in a little bit,” Ves told them offhandedly. She strode forward through the sand toward the fire pit. “Why don’t you make yourselves comfortable in the meantime,” she called back over her shoulder.

7) When can we expect the book to be published?

There is no set date yet, but I’m hoping to publish before the end of this year.


And now, I’ve tagged some other gifted authors who have agreed to join the blog tour. They will be posting their Meet My Character posts on June 30th (one week from today).

1. Meet “Master Story Teller” Kathryn Fogelman. She is author of the young adult fantasy series, Tales of the Wolven, the first book of which is The Dragon’s Son. Although quite young herself, Kathryn has been writing since she was 10 years old. The Dragon’s Son follows the story of the orphan Keegan, whose entire village is brutally massacred. Raised by a golden dragon, Keegan later learns his sister is still alive and sets out to find her. Instead, he finds himself in the midst of a plot involving a princess, mythical monsters, mysterious riddles and haunted nightmares—with the fate of the world possibly in the balance. For more information on Kathryn and her book check here.


Dragons Son


2. Meet Tony Breeden, creative science fiction and fantasy author and creator of Luckbane, the first book in the Otherworld series. Set in a dystopian future, online gaming is considered the “ultimate escape” to their reality. That is, until one corporation gives a few lucky players the chance to play their favorite sword, steampunk and sorcery game live and in-person on a distant planet. A must read for any science fiction/fantasy fan with a love for gaming! For more information about Tony and his series check here.




3. Meet the talented and prolific Natasha House, author of fantasy, science fiction and Christian romance novels. Her fantasy novel, The Vullen’s Curse, is the first book of The Jade Series. Jade is a world where unseen Deities roam, Seers hide, and blood thirsty creatures lurk in the darkness. From the mystical Wolfinic, to the Icer tribe, the corrupt Zares, and the death-loving Vullen, Jade is splintered into factions, separated by fear and hatred. But what happens when the bride of King Lowen, head of the Icer’s, falls ill, and only a Vullen can save her? And how does the young lad Rhyme cope when he is the only Zare who can see Deities? And why are the Deities afraid of the simple Glossmer wood staff? For more information about Natasha, the Jade Series, and her many other novels, check here.





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