Caravans Have Been Disappearing in the Bendenwoods

So book two, The Serpent Cult, is now with my editor. Meanwhile, The Ruins on Stone Hill is on sale this month for $0.99 over at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In the meantime, here is a quick excerpt from book one:

Bendenwoods 3a

As they walked back down the main hall of Ravenford castle, Captain Gelpas told the group, “All of the caravans that disappeared were traveling along the west road from Tarrsmorr through the Bendenwoods. We sent out a contingent to search for them a few weeks back. Every train made it to the town of Bendenwood, but once leaving there, they were never seen again. Not a trace.”

“So you think these orc bandits were attacking the wagon trains somewhere between the town of Bendenwood and the eastern edge of the forest and that, somehow, they managed to make each caravan disappear,” Aksel finished for him.

“That is what we believe,” Gelpas agreed, impressed with their quick appraisal of the situation. “If you can find their hideout, take care of any remaining bandits, and possibly recover any of the goods they have stolen, it would be a great service to Ravenford.”

“We’ll do our best, Captain,” Lloyd declared solemnly.

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