Dark Clouds Loom Over the Little Seaport Town of Ravenford

It has been a hectic month, but book one sales have taken off!! They are nearing 100 sold! Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. The sale is still on till the end of the month. $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In the meantime, here is another quick excerpt from book one:

Ravenford Night

When the caravan exited the apple grove, the travelers caught their first view of Ravenford. The foliage on both sides of them dissipated, and the town lay sprawled out before them. The houses were lit up and twinkling. Up to their left on a hilltop stood a castle. The keep’s numerous windows were ablaze and lighting up the citadel. The walls around the castle were lined with torches, and they could see an occasional patrol of guards along the parapets.

The town itself spread away from them down to the Raven River and then sprang up again on the other side of that waterway. A couple of well-lit stone bridges spanned the river. There were also a few docks jutting out into the water from the opposite shore. The frames of various size vessels, some of them quite large, stood moored next to the dock area, their silhouettes casting dark shadows on the buildings of the bank behind them. The rest of the town continued south of the river. House lights stretched on for some distance. Farther back, a hill rose up, crowned with what looked to be a church or temple.

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