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Aksel is one of the kindest characters in the series. His concern for the well-being of others is only matched by the shrewdness of his keen mind. Orphaned at an early age and raised by the church, the young gnome is already an accomplished cleric. His pure heart and strong beliefs allow him to heal almost any wound with the very touch of his hands.

Like elves, gnomes are long lived. Thus at the ripe age of 40, Aksel is the emotional equivalent of an 18 year old human. Further, like halflings, gnomes are a diminutive race. Aksel is no exception, rising to a mere 3 feet in height. His youthful age and small size can be rather deceiving though, for he possesses a wisdom beyond his years.

Aksel has the heart of a tactician. As the story unfolds, he displays a knack for quickly accessing situations and determining the best course of action to take. It is a talent his companions come to rely on, and he quickly becomes the implicit leader of the group.

Unless the situation demands it, Aksel remains rather quiet. Much like Seth, he does not talk about his family. Thus the companions are surprised when he discloses that his entire clan was composed of adventurers and historians. And furthermore that they all disappeared over the last twenty years in search of ancient artifacts. It is a sobering discovery and goes far to explain his serious nature.

As Aksel becomes accustom to the leadership role, he begins to feel responsible for the entire group. Having lost his own family, and never completely fitting in at the church, Aksel finally begins to feel he is part of something. Seth, Glo, Aksel, Lloyd and even the outlandish Elladan become like family to him. Thus the little gnome will do everything in his power to protect his newfound friends.

It is well that they have him with them, for the five youths face ever mounting danger as they continue to delve into the mysteries around Ravenford. There is a growing darkness surrounding the little town, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.



Glo, as his friends come to call him, is an elven wizard. He is not your typical ancient, see all/know all type of wizard, although he is indeed 120 years old. In the world of Arinthar, elves are quite long lived. So in reality, Glo is the emotional equivalent of a seventeen year old. He is a true teen, struggling to discover who he is and what his purpose is in life.

Early on we find out that all the “Heroes” are relatively young. Since a good portion of the series takes place from Glo’s perspective, the reader becomes rather intimate with what drives the young wizard. As for the other characters, there are hints as to what motivates them, but they mostly play it close to the vest.

What prompted Glolindir to set out on his own was his rather explosive relationship with his father. His father is one of the foremost wizards of the hidden City of Cairthrellon, the last home of the Galinthral elves. The two disagreed on everything, from a steadfast pace of learning magic to the Galinthrals’ insistence on hiding from the rest of the world. Things eventually came to a head, and Glo left Cairthrellon, the first elf to do so in countless years.

Glo is not alone for long, however. He quickly meets up with the mysterious halfling Seth, and the serious little gnome cleric, Aksel. These three “gifted” youths decide to pool their talents and try their hand at the hero business.

Glo is quite cocky at first, secure in his “spellcraft” and his great intellect. When faced with danger for the first time, he quickly learns that knowledge and experience are not the same thing. He literally freezes up at a crucial moment, so scared that he is unable to cast a spell.

It is a life altering moment for the character, one that he takes to heart and continues to berate himself about. Unfortunately for Glo, the apple does not fall far from the tree. He is a perfectionist, much like his father.

It is something that Glo must come to terms with as he and his companions face ever mounting dangers; for the dark shadows loom over his new home town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.

Glolindir is F.P.’s favorite character that he identifies most with.



Lloyd is one of the most selfless characters you will ever meet. The handsome young warrior is a Spiritblade, a master of sword and spirit. He wields his two huge blades like a whirlwind, striking down anything within his path. However, despite his great martial prowess, there is not a conceited bone in his body.

At just eighteen years old, Lloyd stands at 6’ 2” with broad shoulders, and a lean muscular physique. A shock of tousled brown hair caps his youthful features, and his dark brown eyes are keen and penetrating. Clad in red leather armor that covers his entire torso, Lloyd can appear quite intimidating at first. Yet it quickly becomes apparent that he is as gentle off the battlefield as he is deadly on it. His good looks and shy, unassuming manner draws the attention of the young girls in the little town of Ravenford.

Like most of the other characters in the book, Lloyd has left his home, the southern seacoast City of Penwick, to make his own way in the world. It is his fervent desire to carve a name for himself on his own merits. However, it eventually comes out that Lloyd is from noble background; the youngest son of a very well-known Penwick family. Thus his effort to shape his own path is in fact quite gallant. He could easily have relied on his family name to pave the way for him.

As a Spiritblade Lloyd has learned to use his body, mind and spirit in combination to perform feats that seem almost superhuman in nature. It is a form of martial arts that he has studied from a very young age; a grueling regimen that required the training of mind and spirit as well as the body. Having mastered this art, Lloyd can now call upon his spiritual essence to enhance his already extraordinary strength and agility.

Early on in the book, his companions find out just how unusual Lloyd really is. The young warrior is facing off against a large, monstrous creature and is injured during the battle. The others think he is done for, but instead, Lloyd grins and compliments his enemy! He then proceeds to light his blades afire using the power of his spirit and launches himself into the fray anew.

It is this indomitable attitude and strength of spirit that makes Lloyd a force to be reckoned with. A steadfast ally, his companions come to rely on him as the challenges they face become more and more dangerous. For the darkness is growing around the little town of Ravenford, and the people are in dire need of Heroes.



Seth is easily the most enigmatic character in the series. Never speaking of his past, the halfling’s background is shrouded in mystery; his quiet nature, jet black hair, and propensity to dress all in black further adding to this mystique. When Seth does choose to speak, however, his acid wit proves to be nearly as sharp as the various knives he carries hidden on his person.

At just 3’ tall, Seth is actually rather average height for a halfling. He is also the youngest of the group, at just 16 years old. Yet despite his young age and diminutive size, Seth is a force to be reckoned with.  Quick and agile, the halfling is a born acrobat and nearly untouchable in a fight. First, of course, you would have to find him. Stealthy as a cat, Seth can pass almost undetected, even through some of the most conspicuous surroundings. Add to that his expert use of daggers, and he is a deadly adversary.

Seth quickly proves to be the realist of the group, trusting almost no one. The others come to suspect that this skeptical attitude has much to do with the halfling’s well-guarded past. As the book progresses, we get to view things more and more from Seth’s perspective, and glimpses of that past trickle to the surface. There are hints of his “shady” upbringing, as well as a great tragedy; the latter being the last straw that led to his fleeing from his home city of Ilos.

Yet despite his “questionable” past, cynical attitude, and apparent disbelief in others, Seth proves to be a fiercely loyal and dependable ally. It soon becomes apparent that there is no limit on how far he will go to protect his companions, as many a “high and mighty” adversary find out first hand.

Lloyd sums it up rather well at one point in the story. “And look at yourself Seth. Half the time, I don’t even know where you are. And how many wizards have you killed in the last few weeks? You’re pretty darn deadly if you ask me.”

Overall Seth is a fun character, both to read about and write. His is just as likely to lash out at you with his tongue as he is to defend you with his knives. You never really know quite what to expect from him. One thing is for certain though, Seth has a lot of baggage. It is something the character must learn to deal with as he and his companions face ever mounting dangers; for the darkness is growing around the little town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.


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