Heroes of Ravenford

Heroes of Ravenford is a book series chronicling the early adventures of a band of novice heroes in and around the little seaport town of Ravenford. Situated on the eastern coast of the isle of Thac, the normally sleepy little hamlet is besieged by sinister shadows. The towns’ only hope rests on the untried abilities of these gifted young teens.

These youthful champions include Lloyd, the tall, red clad Spiritblade from Penwick who wields his fiery swords like a whirlwind; Glolindir, the blonde haired elven wizard from the hidden City of Cairthrellon, still new to the uses of magic in the “outside” world; Aksel, the serious little gnome cleric whose healing hands are only matched by his love for all living things; Seth, the mysterious dark clothed halfling who may very well be an assassin, his knives only slightly sharper than his acid wit; and the always effervescent Elladan, the white clad bard whose good looks and sylvan voice are only rivaled by his skills with musical spells.

Currently, two titles have been published for this series

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